Air Duct Cleaning for New Homes in Plantation, FL

Don’t Let the Dust Settle – Get Air Duct Cleaning!

You finally get to move into your new home in Plantation, FL, and everything is clean and ready to live in. But what about your air ducts? Well, those should be clean as well since everything is new, right? You would be surprised at what comes out of your ducts with an air duct cleaning for new homes. At Air Quality Control Environmental, we can do a home air quality inspection in your new home and perform an air duct cleaning for your new home as well. Call us today to learn more.

Home Air Duct Inspections for New Plantation Homes

a finger pointing a dirty vent requiring air duct cleaning for New Homes in Plantation, FloridaThe simple fact is that the air ducts in your home were installed early on in the building process before any drywall was hung or flooring laid. As the rest of the home was built, the dust of all kinds got into your air ducts, and having a home air duct inspection will reveal just how much is trapped in your air ducts. You need this dust removed otherwise it will be blown around your home and your family will be breathing it in.

A home air quality inspection will help to show you just how dirty your indoor air is. Especially in new homes, this number can be higher than most anticipate, and it surprises most new homeowners. With our air duct cleaning for new homes, we do dust removal from your ducts as well as other contaminants so that you can breathe freely in your new home.

Dust Removal and Air Duct Cleaning in Plantation, Florida

Even in new homes built in Plantation FL, there could be a lot of dust and dirt in your air ducts. Do you notice that you are having an itchy nose more frequently at home? Maybe your allergies are worse or you notice that even in your new home that there seems to be a layer of dust on everything. These are clear signs that you need dust removal and the best way to do this is with an air duct cleaning in your new home. Contact our team at Air Quality Control Environmental today to schedule your duct cleaning.

Before the start of the twentieth century, the area that became Plantation was part of the Everglades wetlands, regularly covered by 2–3 feet of water. Driven by the success of the drainage projects, the Florida Land Boom took place between 1920 and 1925, seeing rapid growth in population and land sales. Chauncy Clark’s advertising referred to Plantation as “the Dream City” with “Rich Living at Small Cost” and Frederick Peters’ advertising described “A Full Acre With Every Home.”