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Air Quality Control: Plantation, FL Air Duct Cleaning

If you are looking for a Plantation, Florida air duct cleaning company that you can count on for reliable, affordable service, you have found the ideal resource. We are Air Quality Control Environmental, a dryer vent cleaning and dust removal company that has been providing air quality control solutions to people in this area since the early part of the 1990s. Air duct cleaning can keep the air that you and your family are breathing clean and healthy. On the other hand, people who don’t recognize the value of duct cleaning often pay the price. Dust accumulates in air ducts, and it is comprised of particles like mold spores, sand, dirt, pet dandruff, and other unmentionables. Ingestion of these airborne pollutants can cause allergic reactions and other health problems. Air duct cleaning can prevent these problems and provide you with peace of mind as you take control of your indoor air quality.

Commercial Air Purification Systems

For Plantation, Florida air duct cleaning, we are the go-to resource for individual homeowners, but we also provide state-of-the-art air purification systems on the commercial level. Of course, air duct cleaning is part of the commercial indoor air control equation, but modern equipment can also be utilized.  Since we have been in business for so long, we have been able to identify the best air purification systems on the market today. We have found that that the high-tech systems that have been developed by RGF  Environmental get great reviews from our commercial air quality control customers. This cutting-edge manufacturer utilizes (PHI-Cell®) or REME HALO®  technologies to eradicate indoor pollutants before they reach your lungs.

Plantation, Florida Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is important to prevent fires. Many people do not understand the fact that dryer lint can be flammable, and this lack of knowledge can yield devastating consequences. If you work with us to implement a dryer duct cleaning schedule, you can nip any potential problems in the bud and keep your family safe as you protect your biggest investment.

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If the information that you have read here has gotten your attention, right now would be a good time to contact one of our Plantation, FL  air duct cleaning and air purification specialists. We would be glad to answer all of your questions and set up a service call if you decide to take the next step. We can be reached by phone at 954-345-5821 or 855-355-DUST.