Construction Dust Clean Up and Dust Removal in Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Sunrise, Boca Raton, Parkland, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Anyone who has gotten construction done on their home or business is familiar with the dust that is left behind. No matter how well areas are sectioned off, the dust will find a way in – through ductwork, tools, and equipment carried through or just workers coming in and out. You can’t avoid it and need to have a plan for post-construction cleanup.

Defeat Dust with the Triangle Effect

  1. Clean the ducts
  2. Clean the air
  3. Clean the surfaces

Post Construction Dust Removal in Fort LauderdaleClean the Ducts

Cleaning ducts is well-known, you get your annual duct cleaning and then schedule as needed. Right? What’s left unseen in your air ducts will continue to recirculate through the air and right back on to surfaces if not properly cleaned. Air duct cleaning is especially important after any construction in or near your home or business.

Clean the Air

This is where “Air Scrubbers” are proven useful. Air Scrubbers clean air for dust removal as well as purifying the air and removing the VOCs and odors left behind from construction. In addition to dust-busting, they can help remove pet dander and other air pollution, leaving you with a better indoor air quality.

Clean the Surfaces

Construction dust removal by dry wiping surfaces is not the most effective method. Dry dusting alone can leave dust behind, or recirculate it throughout the home. Our wet wiping techniques, on the other hand, removes the dust to break that cycle. However, wiping down countertops and bookcases isn’t enough. Dust will settle on all surfaces in your house. Professional dust removal can tackle those hard-to-reach places throughout your home or business. Proper post-construction cleaning should incorporate wet wiping techniques for all surfaces, including in the areas you don’t see.

Dust Removal: Break the Cycle of Dust with Our Proven Method

Air Scrubber Dust Removal

You may get construction done every once in awhile and think you only need post construction clean up after your own construction. However, new construction is being done all the time, especially throughout Coral Springs, Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Parkland. So dust removal can become a full-time need.

Air Quality Control Environmental can help with the installation of Air Scrubbers that not only complete the post-construction clean up for your area but also any construction dust clean up from around your area. Remember, the dust is entering your building through many different areas including clothes, deliveries, or just doors opening and closing. As for your home, construction dust can come in through clothes, shoes, bags, pets, and more.

Post Construction Clean Up

Air Scrubbers work for dust removal by attaching directly to your HVAC system to remove:

  • Surface contaminants
  • Air pollution
  • VOCs

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