Commercial Coil Cleaning with Probiotic Cleaner

Sick building syndrome is a condition that has been getting a lot of attention over recent years. In some workplaces, people start to experience the same physical problems. Symptoms can include headaches, dizziness, upper respiratory distress, irritated eyes, coughing, skin rashes, and asthma attacks. This leads to poor morale, rampant absenteeism, and reduced productivity. There is also the potential for legal actions taken against a company that is not providing a safe environment for its workers.

A Common Culprit: Dirty Condenser Coils

There is a particular HVAC problem that is often the root cause of sick building syndrome. In an air conditioning system, there are evaporator coils and condenser coils. The fan in the unit extracts heat from inside the building, and it is drawn to the evaporator coil. After that, the warm air enters the condenser coil where it is ultimately blown out of the outdoor air conditioning unit.

As you can see, the condenser coil plays an important role. If it gets dirty, there will be an airflow reduction, and the temperature of the coil will fluctuate. This makes the system work harder, and as a result, there is much more energy usage.

A dirty condenser coil will create a domino effect of negativity. The added heat in the system will create increased head pressure, and this will greatly diminish the unit’s cooling capacity. Basically, you pay more for less cooling power when there is a compromised condenser coil in your system.

Mold and Biofilm Removal

Cleaning a condenser coil is not just a matter of washing away dirt and grime. Mold can grow on the coil because it is in a moist environment, and biofilm can also be present. To effectively sanitize condenser coils, we utilize a specially formulated proprietary probiotic cleansing solution and low-pressure spraying to neutralize the problem. After the procedure is completed, the unit will once again operate in an energy efficient manner.

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