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Air Duct Cleaning for Miami Beach, FL Homes and Businesses

Air duct cleaning is often overlooked, and this is true for many people who are meticulous about the cleanliness of their homes. As they say, “out of sight, out of mind,” and you never see what is going on in your air ducts. However, as a Miami Beach, Florida air duct cleaning company, we certainly get a clear picture when we go out into the field. For example, do any flying insects ever find a way into your home? Do you think that it is possible that some of them could wind up in your air ducts? How about other types of pests? There can also be dirt, sand, and mold spores in your air ducts. The “yuck factor” is self apparent, but ingestion of these particulates can cause allergic reactions and asthmatic episodes. When you think about the situation in a practical manner, you can see why duct cleaning is important. Our technicians utilize state-of-the-art methods to thoroughly clean your air ducts in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Miami Beach, Florida Air Quality Control Solutions

Air duct cleaning is important for homes and businesses in the Miami Beach area, and this can be part of a comprehensive air quality control strategy. In addition to regular air duct cleaning, you can also have a cutting edge air purification system installed into your home or commercial structure. We source high tech air purification systems from industry leader RGF Environmental. They have developed advanced proprietary technologies that have changed the face of indoor air purification.

Dryer Duct Cleaning For Miami Beach, Florida Homeowners

We founded Air Quality Control Environmental back in the 1990s because we decided to tackle important home and business maintenance concerns that were not being properly addressed. One of them is the matter of dryer duct cleaning. You may be surprised to hear that dirty dryer conditions cause hundreds of fires each and every year. Dryer vent cleaning can save your life, and it can save the lives of your family members. Short of this, dryer duct cleaning can save you money, because dirty ducts will make the unit work harder. Energy costs increase, and the  life span of your dryer will also shrink if you don’t have the appropriate dryer duct cleaning done on an ongoing basis.

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