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Coral Gables, FL Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air Quality Control Environmental is a long-standing company that provides air duct cleaning services to Coral Gables, Florida residents. Air vent cleaning is something that many people overlook, but in reality, it is a  necessary form of home maintenance. If you never considered the importance of indoor quality control, the air that you are breathing is going to be compromised. This is self-evident when you stop and think about it, but many people never do. Dust removal is essential, because it is going to accumulate in your air ducts if you do nothing. You and your family will breathe this particulate matter, and the ingestion of pollutants can cause a host of health problems. These issues can be prevented if you work with us to get on a regular air duct cleaning schedule.

Air duct cleaning is a must, but as a Coral Gables, Florida homeowner, you should also include dryer vent cleaning when you are implementing a home safety strategy. Dryer vent cleaning can prevent fires, and there are other benefits. If you have never had any dryer duct cleaning done, your system will not work efficiently, and this will drive up your energy costs and wear down your dryer. Dryer duct cleaning can ensure efficient operation, and it can also prevent a dryer-related fire that can have a devastating impact on you and your family.

Commercial Air Cleaning and Air Purification Systems

We provide Coral Gables, Florida air duct cleaning services on the residential level, but our expertise does not stop there. In addition to our residential dust removal and duct cleaning, we also offer these services to business owners and corporate decision-makers. The same problems that can exist in a home can also exist on a larger scale in a commercial structure. Plus, the materials that are handled in a commercial building can add to the dangers. We can provide the appropriate air duct cleaning solutions, regardless of the nature of your business.

Minimizing the pollutants in the air through the appropriate air duct cleaning is an important piece of the puzzle, but you can also take the next step and install a state-of-the-art air purification system. We source our air purification systems from RGF Environmental, and their patented PHI-Cell®  technology can eradicate airborne particulates that can have a negative impact on your indoor environment.

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