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Lighthouse Point, FL Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air Quality Control Environmental is a Lighthouse Point, Florida air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning resource that is dedicated to quality service on every level. From the first point of contact when you speak with one of our indoor air quality control specialists, you will receive top-notch customer service. This can be quite refreshing, because all too often the service that you receive these days leaves much to be desired. As a local duct cleaning company, we take our commitment to this community to heart. Our roots in the area run deep, and we treat our customers the way that we like to be treated when we are engaging a service provider.

The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

You may question the importance of air duct cleaning, because there’s the idea that “what you can’t see can’t hurt you.” In fact, what you can’t see can have a negative impact on your health. Dust and mold spores can accumulate in your air ducts, and this particulate matter can get into the air that you are breathing. As a result, people who are sensitive to it can experience allergic reactions. Plus, ingestion of indoor pollutants can trigger asthmatic episodes. If you get on a regular dust removal and air duct cleaning schedule, you can nip potential health problems in the bud before they happen.

Lighthouse Point, Florida Dryer Vent Cleaning

We provide air duct cleaning services, but dryer vent cleaning is another area that we specialize in. When lint accumulates, there is a fire hazard present, and energy efficiency plummets. Each year, there are thousands of household dryer fires in the United States, and over 30 percent of them are attributed to unclean conditions. If you work with us to get on a regular dryer vent cleaning schedule, you can keep your family safe and go forward with peace of mind.

Commercial Air Purification and Duct Cleaning

If you are looking for a Lighthouse Point, FL dust removal and duct cleaning company as a local homeowner, we have you covered. At the same time, we also provide commercial duct cleaning services and comprehensive air purification solutions. As a business owner or decision-maker, your indoor air quality should be a priority for you. Your indoor air purification strategy should be custom crafted to suit the needs of your particular business. Our indoor air quality specialists can examine your facility and recommend the appropriate air purification solutions.

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