Drywall Dust Removal / Sawdust Removal / Remodeling cleanup

img11No matter how many times you remove it, drywall dust or sheetrock dust keeps coming back, even after you thoroughly dust your home. If you are about to jump into a painting project, it’s important to remove all remnants from sanding, or it can combine with the paint. Even after you wipe down the walls, there are still particles left in the air.  The professionals at AQC can give you the advantage of removing the specks floating around that will land in your paint, on your walls and in your lungs.

Air Quality Control Environmental uses a combination of electronic air purifiers and Air Scrubbers that get rid of floating air particles (you know, the ones you see when direct sunlight is shining through the window)

We have a system that combines electronic air purifiers in conjunction with Duct Cleaning, in order to remove all the particles that remain after a remodeling job.

Contractors: we offer a solution to the mess that’s left behind.

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