Why schedule a professional dry duct cleaning service?

If you are a homeowner naturally you are aware how much you need to manage. Amid keeping the abode warm and cozy during the winter, keeping the drains clean, landscaping during the spring and much more, naturally some things slip via the crack. In fact a key thing which does slip via the cracks is the dryer duct cleaning. To keep the dryer ducts clean is crucial not only for your safety but also for the safety of your home. So if you are amid those who have not cleaned your ducts for quite some time, then it is high time that you schedule a cleaning with us. We at Air Quality Control are an all-inclusive duct cleaning company that will clean and also ensure that your dryer ducts are safe to use. The areas that we serve include Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens.

Why choose Air Quality Control?

Dryer ducts over some time of use can collect dirt, dust, lint and much more. By scheduling a cleaning with us can help in eliminating these contaminates that can result in a couple of advantages which are as follows,

  • Fire safety- the heat from the dryer can result in a fire. So by cleaning the vents from time to time you can cut down the perils of a fire
  • Safety against carbon monoxide- gas dryers that are poorly maintained can result in carbon dioxide build up that can cause serious health risk
  • Mold issues- to clean the dryer ducts will cut down the dangers of mold build-up
  • Energy savings- when you have a cleaner duct, the dryer will run less which means you can save a lot on the utility bills
  • Dryer life- when the dryer duct is cleaned, the unit will function more efficiently and thereby work for a good number of years

We at Air Quality Control are an expert in this domain and truly care about your safety and control. So make the most of our duct cleaning services.