You will be Amazed at the several Dryer Vent Cleaning Advantages

If there is one such electrical device which most residential property owners can depend on to get their household chores done, then it is the clothes dryer. Everyone’s dryer vent will be able to run more efficiently with having their dryer vent cleaned at least once every year. If you are like most other residential property owners in Florida, until now you haven’t paid much heed to removing dirt and cleaning your dryer vent which is over 10 feet long. If your clothes dryer vent your dryer vent filled with lint and other debris is left unserviced, it can really become a real fire hazard. Is it an exceptional case? No. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 24,000 clothes dryer related fire cases are sparked every year in homes and are rising at an alarming rate. Hence, never put this off. Contact us at Air Quality Control Environmental Inc dryer vent cleaners in this number 954-345-5821 today if you have faced such a situation before. Our cleaners are specialists at cleaning and removing the dangerous lint that lurks inside your dryer vent. We are your only source for professional dryer vent cleaning in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Parkland and Pompano Beach in FL. Our vent cleaning service uses the best professional equipments and methods to remove dust and other debris, resulting not only in improved dryer efficiency but also in reducing the risks of a dryer fires and probable health problems, like asthma. To learn more about our dryer vent cleaning advantages, continue reading.

6 Benefits:

  1. Drastically reduces or rather saves you money on your energy-utility bills.
  2. Your garments will quickly get dried up quickly with less lint left on them, i.e., reduces drying time.
  3. Prevents carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.
  4. Eliminates the fire hazard of clothes dryers
  5. Increases the life of your dryer with fewer repairs and less maintenance costs.
  6. Eliminate mold issues.

Bottom line

You can save much time and thousands of dollars as well as get some peace of mind with professional dryer vent cleaning services provided by Air Quality Control Environmental Inc.