When it comes to regular household chores, often many tasks are neglected. Well, you might make sure that the appearance of your home remains perfect. You choose the interior decoration after much reflection. But, do you pay the same amount of attention when it comes to minor issues like dryer duct cleaning? If you are hesitating, as your answer is no, then let me tell you something. You are not the only one. At Air Quality Control Environmental Inc, we often come across many clients who opt for duct cleaning after it is too late. Not cleaning the dryer duct regularly can be dangerous for you, as it might cause some accidents too. So, if you are willing to keep your home safe in Aventura, Boca Raton or Coral Gables, look for the signs that will tell you that your ducts need cleaning.

How to know that? Read the following points to know more.

3 Signs that tells the Dryer Ducts need Cleaning

  • Longer Drying Time: Do your clothes take longer to dry than before? When the dryer vent of your Davie Fl is clogged, the drying can take double or triple time. When you notice that the clothes are not dry by the end of normal drying cycle, it is enough for you to know that your duct is clogged and needs cleaning.
  • Hot Clothing and Outside of the Dryer: If you notice that the clothing and the outside of the dryer are extremely hot, then you must know that the hot air is not getting enough chance to get ventilated. Hence, it is increasing the heat. It will not only waste the energy, but will also affect the blower in the dryer.
  • Burning Smell: When you run your dryer, have you noticed a burning smell? Inflammable lint can build up in the exhaust tube that can catch fire when it is heated. If you have noticed any such smell, you need to immediately call for help.

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