Stay Safe with Professional Dust Cleaning and Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

A dryer is meant for drying garments via driving water particles from the exterior of the home using a vent. This is one appliance that most of you rely on for getting your chores done. But make sure that it does not turn into a fire hazard for not being cleaned properly and regularly. Dust Cleaning and Dryer Vent Cleaning on a regular basis is a must and who better can do the needful than Air Quality Control Environmental Inc. We offer these services in and around Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Parkland, Pompano Beach and FL. Our experts can help in removing the lint accumulation in the vent to augment its efficiency and thereby protect you against potentially dangerous fires.

Air Quality Control Environmental Inc Benefits

By hiring our services you can enjoy the following set of benefits namely,

  • Save Time
  • Increase Clothing Life
  • Extended Dryer Life
  • Energy Savings
  • Eliminate Mold Issues
  • Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Fire safety

Removing clogs and other dirts from vents has multiple advantages, including decreased mildew and mold growth, reduced utility bills and improved fire safety. Air Quality Control Environmental Inc is your perfect partner for professional vent cleaning services. The team in our company uses the right processes and tools to remove the clogs thereby resulting in better dryer efficiency, cutting down the perils of dryer fires as well as potential health problems. If by chance you try your hands to clean the vent and create an error which damages your device, it is you who will be responsible for its repair. Being professionals, we are insured and bonded against damage both for its protection and also yours. Finally, with professionals tools and equipment, our technicians can expertly and quickly clear the debris and clogging from your vent thereby ensuring you with safe and smooth operation. Do not risk your dryer vent from catching fire, just contact Air Quality Control Environmental Inc today!