Dryer vent cleaning reduces fire risk and improves efficiency

Dryer vent cleaning is important. Firstly, clogged dryer vents are a serious fire risk. Dryers vents result in thousands of fires every year, so it is not something to take lightly. Dryer vent cleaning will also improve the efficiency of your dryer and extend its useful life. Your clothes will dry faster when your dryer is working efficiently. That means it saves time and money. Air Quality Control provides dryer bent cleaning in Delray Beach, Hollywood FL, Miami Beach, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Pembroke Pines. They can clean all kinds of dryers including those with long or extended tubing. Long tubing with numerous elbows is more difficult to clean but a specialist technician will have the right tools for the job.

A technician will use equipment such as vacuums, blowers, plumbing snakes and drill rods to perform dryer vent cleaning. They not only clean the visible tubing and vents. A professional technician will clean the entire tubing, even the parts that run inside walls. The technicians will also clean all vents, even those that are on a roof. They will also check bird guards

Vents and tubing can become clogged with all kinds of things. Lint is the major problem and since it presents a fire risk, your vents should be cleaned seasonally. Other problems could result from animals can critter that find their way into your tubing. Birds’ nests have been found inside dryer vents and tubing. If your vents and tubing are clogged, the air won’t flow normally.

If you find your clothes take too long to dry chances are good that your dryer vents are clogged. You should contact a dryer vent cleaning company asap. These will be the same people who clean air ducts and HVAC systems.