It is a well-known fact that dryer vents pose a fire risk. Or more accurately dirty and clogged vents pose a real fire risk. Air Quality control provides professional dryer vent cleaning throughout Boynton Beach, Davie FL, Delray Beach, Hollywood FL, Jupiter FL and Miami Beach.

If you read reports from the US Fire Administration, you will learn that thousands of fires result from poorly maintained and neglected vents. Lint or small particles of cloth build up over time in the filter and inside the ducting system.

You need to be aware of warning signs. If you notice one or more of the following, then you need to call a dryer vent cleaning professional sooner rather than later.

Clothes are not totally dried

Clothes take longer than normal to dry

Clothes are hotter than normal

The exterior of the dryer gets hotter than expected

The outside flap does not open fully

Unusual humidity in the laundry room

Burnt smell pervades the laundry room

Now you van attempt to clean the dryer vent yourself. That means you need to know where it is, where it starts and where it ends. You also need to know how to disconnect your dryer from the exhaust and ducting system. If you have a gas dryer you need to be extra careful. You also need special dryer vent cleaning equipment. Then you actually need to do the cleaning work and then clean the dislodged debris and finally reconnect everything. Dryer vent cleaning is hard and messy work. Better things to do with your time?

If you need dryer vent cleaning in Boynton Beach, Davie FL, Delray Beach, Hollywood FL, Jupiter FL or Miami Beach simply call the experts at Air Quality Control.