Air Quality control provides dryer vent cleaning throughout Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter FL, Miami Beach, Palm Beach and Palm City. There are some compelling reasons why you should have your dryer vent cleaned from time to time. The NFPA recommend annual cleaning. One of the most important reasons is to reduce the risk of fire. Other reasons for dryer vent cleaning include better performance, reduced drying time, lower energy bills and increased life span of your dryer.

Overtime your lint builds up inside dryer vent. When overheating occurs, you are just a step away from a fire and a possible disaster. There are thousands fires every year that result from clogged dryer vents. So, it not an isolated incident or a low risk event. When you look at pictures of clogged dryer events you will realize this is no joke.

If you provide a commercial laundry service, you have several vents to worry about. If you are a building manager, the owner of a commercial laundry, the manager of a multi-housing complex, the owner of an apartment complex, then you need to be aware of the importance of dryer vent cleaning.

The team from Air Quality Control will come to your home or business well prepared to properly clean your dryer vent. They use an advanced patented system that uses high powered vacuums and rotating brushes. They will remove all the link that has built up inside the vent, thereby eliminating dryer vent fire risk. You will find that your dryer vent works better, and drying time will be reduced. Reduced drying time means your dryer uses less energy and that translates into lower energy bills.

The team at Air Quality Control can take care of your dryer vent cleaning and ensure your home or business is safer.