Air Quality Control provides dryer duct cleaning throughout Jupiter FL, Miami Beach, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Stuart FL and Wellington. You probably don’t give much thought to dryer ducts, but sometimes you should. 


Overtime your dryer vent will collect lint that is not trapped by the filter. This can result in overheating and a potential fire. Fire risk is one good and compelling reason why should give some thought to dryer duct cleaning. Now it is probably not something you know how to do or even want to do. Fortunately, there are contractors such as Air Quality Control who provide professional dryer duct cleaning services. Now you don’t need to have your dryer ducts cleaned every week or even every month. Once a year will do.  


The team at Air Quality Control use advanced equipment and patented techniques when performing dryer vent cleaning. These include high powered vacuums, pressure gradients, rotating brushes and more. They will remove all accumulated lint, debris and other blockages so your dryer is safe to use. 


Fires that result from clogged dryer ducts are not rare or isolated. Thousands of dryer duct fires and incidents occur very year. The NFPA recommends annual cleaning to prevent fire risk and help ensure optimal air quality. Apart from reducing fire risk there are other benefits associated with annual dryer duct cleaning. These include: 


  • Reduction in drying time 
  • Reduced energy bills 
  • Increased life span of your dryer 


So, it is clearly a small price to pay for peace of mind and a better performing dryer. Air Quality Control is your source for dryer duct cleaning in Jupiter FL, Miami Beach, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Stuart FL and Wellington. In addition, they can also help you with air duct cleaning and improved indoor air quality.