Vent and dryer vent cleaning can improve health and reduce fire risk

Vent cleaning and dryer vent cleaning can help improve indoor air quality, lessen allergic reactions and improve the efficiency of your air conditioner. Air Quality Control offers vent cleaning, duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning service in Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Parkland and Pompano Beach, FL.

Dust, debris, allergens and mites accumulate in your air vents and ducts and these should be cleaned at least once a year. Certain factors could necessitate the need for more regular inspection and cleaning and these could include smoking, pets, recent home renovations as well as weather conditions. It seems logical that a clogged system will have to work harder than a system with clean ducts and vents. Apart from degrading the air quality a dirty and clogged vents will affect the performance of your AC unit. Your system will have to work harder and as a result will cost you more money than it should

Your air conditioning technician should inspect your vents and ducts before cleaning. An inspection should reveal whether your vents and ducts need cleaning at all. Ait duct cleaning involves more than just sweeping. It should include coils, filters and other components that directly come into contact with circulating air. When considering a company to deal with it is a good idea to look at their credentials – for example is the contractor a member of the NADCA?

Dryer vent cleaning is another maintenance task that should be performed from time to time. A clogged dryer vent is a fire risk and a health risk. Clothes dryers are responsible for numerous home fires. A professional dryer vent cleaning service can inspect your dryer vents and perform the necessary cleaning in order to ensure your fryer is safe for use.