Air Quality Control specializes in indoor air quality and can help you with air vent cleaning in Davie FL, Delray Beach, Jupiter FL, Miami Beach, Palm City or Pembroke Pines. Air vent cleaning is also referred to as air duct cleaning and should be done every 2 to 3 years. Air Quality Control provides commercial and residential air vent cleaning services so the can help you whether you are a residential home, a medical facility, an hotel, restaurant, fitness center or commercial office block.

You air vents and ducts collect duct and debris and also attracts mold. The more debris and gunk that collects in your ducts, the greater the risk to your indoor air quality. Professional air vent cleaners use special equipment such as commercial grade blowers, high-powered vacuums and rotational brushes to dislodge and remove dirt and debris from your vents and ducts. They also clean ai handlers, registers, grilles, fans and coils. Professional air vent cleaning involves cleaning your entire ac system.

Another important component of air duct cleaning is sanitation and purification. Professional duct cleaners will use cutting edge technologies such as ionization and oxidation to remove odors and kill bacteria, mold and other potentially harmful substances that lurk in your ducts and vents. For example, by using light, water and oxygen in the right way they can produce natural cleaners in the form of hydro-peroxides. These natural cleaners circulate through your home and air conditioning system where they attack and kill airborne as well as surface viruses.

Air duct and vent cleaning offers clear benefits. Improved indoor air quality as well as improved functioning of your HVAC or air conditioning system. The process also eliminates unpleasant odors and removes musty smells from your home.