Air Duct Cleaning in Weston, FL

Have you examined your vents lately? If you notice a dusty coating, you should schedule air duct cleaning services from professional technicians. While you’re at it, consider an air quality control assessment too. Our team at Air Quality Control Environmental Inc. offers both services to residents in Weston, FL. Our technicians will make your air cleaner and more breathable by using the latest technology the industry can offer.

Air Duct Cleaning Services in Weston, FL

technician inspecting and providing Air Duct Cleaning Services in Weston, FL

Do any of the following characteristics apply to your home?

  • Pets prone to shedding roam the house.
  • You constantly battle dust. But the dust is winning the war.
  • Sneezing, coughing, and congestion plague every waking moment.
  • You or someone with whom you share your home smokes.

Even just one of these scenarios could mean you’re at risk of poor indoor air quality. The average home needs air duct cleaning services every five years. Homes with the above issues need them more often.

Our duct cleaning services can eliminate significant quantities of pollutants in just one convenient service. Our technicians examine all common culprits like vents, visible ductwork, and certain HVAC components for dusty coatings. Then, they clean the surfaces of each area to facilitate clean airflow and energy efficiency.

The final step in our process involves applying an industry-leading treatment to combat bacteria and other microbes. You’ll breathe cleaner air and improve your respiratory health following our air vent cleaning efforts.

Air Quality Control in Weston, FL

Do you want to further improve the cleanliness of your indoor air? Consider scheduling an air quality control assessment for your home in Weston, FL. Our assessment and solutions are the perfect follow-ups to our duct cleaning services.

The assessment involves a multifaceted approach to diagnosing the true cause of bad indoor air quality:

  • Thermal imaging to identify drafty areas
  • Moisture mapping to reveal damp areas and potential mold growth
  • Humidity measurements to ensure a comfortable level of moisture in the air

After uncovering the main issues, we install one of our many cutting-edge solutions like advanced HEPA filters and UV lights to fight bacteria.

Weston, FL offers a plethora of rich experiences for residents and visitors alike. From gator tours to fishing events, you’ll never run out of activities to occupy your time. With Air Quality Control Environmental Inc. on your side, you won’t have to worry about letting allergens from your fun ruin your relaxation.

Make healthy indoor air quality a priority by contacting us about our air duct cleaning services in Weston, FL.