Everything get dirty and air ducts are no exception. Air Quality Control offers air duct cleaning services in Boynton Beach, Davie FL, Hollywood FL, Jupiter FL, Miami Beach and Palm Beach.


Over time air ducts collect dust, dirt and debris. These particles circulate in the air that you breathe. In addition, the fiberglass insulation inside your ducts releases small particles and it is probably not a good idea to be getting too many of those in your respiratory system.  Air duct cleaning services removes most of the potentially airborne particles that collect inside your network of ducts.


The cleaning team can also apply a special coating that prevents fiber glass particles from breaking free and becoming airborne.  There are some definite tell-tale signs that indicate your air ducts need cleaning. A general build-up of dust in the air and on surfaces is a strong indicator. If you also notice your allergies are getting worse then it’s time to act and call the air duct cleaning services.


Other things to consider is the amount of time since your air ducts were last cleaned or maybe the answer is never.  Also, if you live near the beach or in a dusty area, it is a good idea to have your air

ducts cleaned once a year.


Air Quality Control uses EPA approved products and chemical for air duct cleaning purposes.  These chemical also prevent mold infestation and combat unpleasant odors. High performance coating also prevents fiber glass particles and various allergens from becoming airborne.


Air duct cleaning will only improve your indoor air quality. Even if there are no conclusive studies as to the harmful effects of dirty air ducts, common sense suggests that clean air ducts will always be better than dirty ones.