How professional air duct cleaning services can help

Indoor air pollution of late has been listed as the fourth biggest environmental threats via the Environmental Protection Agency. When the cooling and heating system runs on your home, the airborne contaminants will get drawn into the duct system. These harmful contaminants with time will gradually develop inside the air ducts. The different forms of indoor contaminants include carbon monoxide, animal dander, bacteria, airborne allergens, chemicals, household mold, tobacco smoke and dust mites. Such contaminants, then get circulated all through the home and this can prove detrimental to the health as well as the comfort of the people. So to have the air ducts cleaned is essential to eliminate these problems. We at Air Quality Control offer air duct cleaning services to people living in different parts of Aventura, Boynton Beach and Palm Beach Gardens at the best industry rates.

The benefits of hiring our cleaning services

  • Reduce dusting- our duct cleaning services will work wonders in reducing household dust via removing the dust and dirt where it travels utmost via the air duct system
  • Enhance the indoor air quality- indoor air is more polluted compared to outdoor air. Our duct cleaning services can help in removing airborne contaminates like pollen, pet dander, mold spores, fungus and bacteria that may help in alleviating asthma and allergy signs
  • Save money and energy- having an air conveyance system that is clean will help to boost up efficiency which will ultimately reduce cooling and heating expenditure
  • Extended equipment life- maximum systems failures result from dust and dirt. A key purpose of the fan situated inside the air handler is for keeping the heat exchanger cool. The debris and dirt that accumulate can cut down the CFM by 50%. In fact, this is amid the common reasons of cracks in a heat exchanger. Via cleaning the system you can keep away from premature aging and breakdown of the cooling and heating system

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