Do you get your home’s air ducts cleaned every month? No? Then that’s a major mistake that you are committing. Cleaning the air ducts is absolutely essential if you want your family to lead a healthy life. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an unclean air duct leads to a poor indoor air quality which in return would give rise to several health issues such as asthma, allergies, frequent cough & cold, etc. And the worst part is that these health issues are mainly suffered by the children since they have a fragile immunity system. Hence, if you haven’t cleaned your air ducts for ages, please do in now! And yes, do not clean them on your own; instead, hire an air duct cleaning company. If you are a resident of Davie FL, Miami Beach, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm City or Pembroke Pines, then finding such a company wouldn’t be tough at all as they are plenty scattered all across these cities. But, if you have to hire a reliable company then we, Air Quality Control, can serve the purpose.

But before you choose our company or any other air duct cleaning services, there’s one thing that you’ll definitely have to do and that is, check the concerned company’s reputation in the market. Wondering, how will you do that? Well, just read on to know more.

Call Their Previous Customers

Before choosing an air duct clean up company, if possible, visit the main office, have a word with the manager and then, request him/her to provide you with the phone numbers of their previous clients. Why? Of course, so that you can call them up and have a word with them regarding the quality of service, the behavior and professionalism of the cleaning staffs, the equipments they use, etc.

In case they refuse to provide customers’ numbers (due to privacy policy), then please ask them to show their testimonials at least, so that you can see if their clients are satisfied with their air duct cleanings service or not.

Please See- We, Air Quality Control, have a separate ‘Testimonial’ section on our website. You can go through it to get a fairly good idea about our company.

Check Online Reviews/Ratings

In case the company is unable to provide customers’ numbers as well as testimonials, then the only option you have is browsing the internet and look for authentic online reviews and ratings. But yes, make sure you check the reviews and ratings from an authentic website only.

So, now before you hire a company for air duct cleaning, hopefully, you’ll be able to know about their reputation and then, accordingly hire them.