Air duct cleaning helps improve IAQ and AC operation

How often do you think about AC air ducts that are out of site and out of mind? Well you should think about it because proper air duct cleaning can help improve your IAQ (indoor air quality). Air Quality control offers air duct cleaning services in Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Parkland and Pompano Beach, FL. Poor IAQ is bad for your health and your loved ones’ health.

When you consider the amount of time you spend indoors it makes sense that you will the air you breathe to be as clean as possible. Poor indoor air quality is bad for everyone and particularly harmful for people with allergies and breathing conditions and respiratory problems. Indoor air quality is often a lot worse the outdoor air quality.

Air duct cleaning will remove dust and many contaminants, micro particles and allergens that reside and build up inside your air ducts and ventilation systems. Air duct cleaning will also reduce unpleasant odors and will improve the overall functioning and operation of HVAC system. When your heating or cooling systems operate at maximum efficiency it will keep you comfortable while at the same time reducing your monthly energy bills.

In order to keep your air ducts clean and in good conditions you should deal with a contractor that offers professional air duct cleaning services. A company that provides professional air duct cleaning services will have the right equipment such as truck mounted systems, blowers and extractors. A professional contractor will clean your entire system from the vent grills to the blower and the coil.

So if you want improved indoor air quality in your home in Palm Beach or your business in Coral Springs, then you should consider getting a free air duct cleaning estimate from a company such as Air Quality Control.