Every home is vulnerable to fire hazards. But you will be surprised to know that there are some hidden reasons also which is more dangerous than the obvious ones. Wondering what they are? Well, one of the potential tools to cause fire accidents is the lint that sneaks through the vents of your dryer filter. Over time the vents fill up with lint and overheating causes it to catch fire. So, if you want to ensure the safety of your family members from sudden fire hazards, contact an experienced and reputed company providing air purifying service. If you are a resident of Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach and Jupiter FL, rest your worries aside. Air Quality Control Environmental Inc. is at your service. We have been serving the citizens of Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Palm City since the early 90’s. So, if you are convinced to hire us for dryer vent cleaning, read this blog to know the benefits of getting the job done by us.

Why hire Air Quality Control Environmental Inc.?  

  1. We solve your problem safely and effectively

We use advanced machine to get the cleaning job done in a most effective way. An advanced patented machine which combines the action of suction from a high powered vacuum and the thorough cleaning action of a rotating brush is used. This cleans the lint completely from your venting system as well as from the dryer itself. We also use special tools which are required to remove blockages such as birds nest or bee hives. They can further be used to pinpoint the location of problems within a wall or ceiling.

  1. We ensure the safety of your family

We have come up with a new product that anyone with a dryer can use. The specialty of this device is that it can detect exhaust problems before there is any danger thus preventing serious hazards.

So, now that you know the perks of hiring us, what are you for? Get in touch with us now at 954-345-5821.

Stuart, Palm Beach, Jupiter FL Dryer Vent Cleaning services from Air Quality Control are reliable and affordable. Contact us today for details.