Air vent and air duct cleaning often refer to the same service. Air vent cleaning could also refer to dryer vent cleaning. If you need air vent cleaning, duct cleaning or drier vent cleaning in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Hollywood FL, Miami Beach, Palm Beach or Palm City, the Air Quality Control can help.

In a narrow sense, air vent cleaning could refer to the cleaning of grilles and vents with a basic vacuum. This type of cleaning is not as comprehensive as full system cleaning that includes cleaning the supply and return ducts, registers, grilles, diffusers, coils, fans and drip pans.

Air vents and ducts are closely connected. Air vents cover wall openings and air is sucked through the vents and into the ductwork. If your air vents are clogged or block the air cannot flow freely and that will impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of your air conditioning system.

If you only require air vent cleaning, then the contractor will remove the air duct covers and grills and use special brushes to clean the grates. A power vacuum will also be used to clean as much of the ducts as possible.

It is a good idea to extent the cleaning of your air conditioning beyond just the vents and grilles. Professional indoor air vent and duct cleaning will improve indoor air quality. It will also improve the overall efficiency of your air conditioning system. Professional duct cleaners will clean your vents, registers, pipes, duct work as well as air filters and blowers.

Dryer vent cleaning is also important. Clogged dryer vents pose real fire risk and will also effect the efficient operation you your dryer.

Whether you need air vent cleaning in Boynton Beach, duct cleaning in Delray Beach, full ac system clearing in Hollywood FL, dryer vent cleaning in Miami Beach, or improved indoor air quality in Palm Beach, Air Quality Control can help.