Why choose professional air duct cleaning services?

Both commercial property owners and homeowners alike are well aware of how air ducts in businesses and homes result in a key air quality problem source. Debris and contaminants gather in the duct, which circulates the indoor air, thereby contributing to poor and unhealthy air quality which can be worse compared to the air outdoors. So keeping air ducts as well as associated equipment free of contaminants and completely clean needs professional cleaning being carried out by qualified and trained engineers using the right techniques and equipment. And who better can do the needful than Air Quality Control. We offer an all-inclusive air quality control and air duct cleaning services and our service areas include the different parts of Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Parkland and Pompano Beach, FL.

Types of contaminants that can accumulate in an air duct

  • Dust- made from tiny fibers as well as other particles, it is dust, which makes the maximum of the accumulation within the vents and the air ducts. As dust recirculates in the home or office, this can result in respiratory problems and allergies making dusting and cleaning a constant chore
  • Bacteria, viruses and molds- in the humid summer climate, the biological contaminants will get the right environment for growing in their air vents and ducts. In fact the more the ductwork stays uncleaned, naturally the higher chances for such contaminants for thriving and posing health risks
  • Animal dander- For those having pets, it is likely that these will shed fur and skin constantly. Such debris will circulate in the home and will act as a potent trigger against allergies as well as other problems
  • Dust mites- These are tiny creatures that feed on pet dander and human skin flakes and infest vents and air ducts often. Such droppings become a part and parcel of the dust within their home resulting in allergic reactions to people
  • Odors- Right from smoking odors to cooking to pet odors amid others air ducts generally trap such odors as well as circulate the same in the home

No matter what form of contaminants accumulate in your air duct our technicians and engineers can clean it all professionally. They are highly dedicated to their job as well as are equipped with advanced tools that are required for performing the right job.